Cascella & Sons installs:

  • Hardi-plank Fiber Cement Siding

  • Dutchlap or Clapboard Vinyl Siding (Horizontal or Vertical)

  • Vinyl Cedar Impression Shake Siding

  • Real Cedar Shake Siding

  • Cement & Synthetic Stucco

  • Brick & Stone Siding

  • Various Styles of Cultured Stone

Cascella & Sons understands that when it comes to an Exterior Siding project, a homeowner deserves the peace of mind that comes along with knowing that their Siding is being installed by a contractor that utilizes the industries best practices when it comes to their home. Siding not only provides aesthetic beauty but more importantly it provides a vital weatherproofing function for the home that cannot be underestimated. Installed incorrectly, it can provide a number of issues for your home that normally go unnoticed until the problem has gone far beyond an ordinary repair. All of the benefits of using a higher quality Siding product gets lost without adhering to the proper installation techniques. 

Let’s face it...

We’ve all driven by those Siding jobs that look great when their first completed but a year or two years down the road, they start to notice that their Siding installation is failing. The Siding is detaching from the house due to mis-nailing or simply not using enough nails per board, nailing the product too tight which leads to bellying or buckling, or not installing or utilizing proper flashing techniques to prevent the potential for future water penetration. A poor Siding Installation is usually the by-product of a lack of training, poor attention to detail, and a general lack of knowledge associated with the Siding products and the correct installation methods that come along with those particular products.  

As a homeowner, a Siding Installation not only brings instant curb appeal and gratification, it’s also carries along with it a 67-76% return on investment in Long Island, NY. Here at Cascella & Sons we have an installation process that our crew follows on each job that ensures that every one of our installs is being done to our organizations exacting standards. This protects the homeowner and provides for a high-quality Siding installation that lasts for many years to come. Choosing the right Siding product depends on climate, personal preference, & budget.

Let’s us walk you through the process and help you make the Siding selection that adds the quality and character that your home deserves.

We utilize 3D Estimation & Visualization Software that enables Cascella & Sons to provide our customers with realistic artistic renderings of their actual home with the product and colors that they select. This makes it much easier for a homeowner to visualize the final installation making for a better overall experience.